Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This morning Hna. Johnson and I had an appointment at Centro de Servicio (Central Services) for the Caribbean Area. We are being trained to switch to and use a whole new computer system called IMOS. It stands for “Internet Mission Operating System”. What it really means for Hna. Johnson and the rest of the office staff is a lot of work setting it up, converting all of our data, learning how to use it and then working out the bugs.

But Hna. Johnson is a real trooper. In spite of not feeling very well, she listened and learned without question or complaint. She is eager and enthusiastic about the switch over next month. In the end it will actually mean less work for Hna. Johnson and everyone else in the office. That will be a blessing. We usually have so much to do that we really don’t know how we will get it done so the new computer system should help us a lot.

This afternoon Hna. Johnson bad cough and lingering cold have finally gotten better. She’s been on antibiotics for a day now and I think they are helping a lot. Hopefully she will get a good night’s sleep. If she does, it will be her first in weeks.

Our new Office Elder is Elder Small. He’s only been in the office a week. I remember overhearing him mention to one of the other Elders on transfer day that he had been assigned to work in the office and then he said: “I’m going to be the best mail deliverer ever.” Today he was speaking with Hna. Johnson and made the comment to her, “I had no idea what the office Elders did. I thought all they did was drive around delivering the mail to us.” Elder Small has learned what the word “Work” in “Missionary Work” really means.

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