Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today is “Translados” (Transfer Day) in the mission. Actually I think it’s the same day all over the world. On Tuesday, every six weeks, new missionaries arrive in the field, some of the old missionaries go home and those that stay ask themselves, who is going to be my new companion? A lot of the things a missionary does are based on a 6 week timetable. If you ask a missionary how long he’s been in an area, he won’t answer: I’ve been here 3 months, he will answer, I’ve been here 2 transfers. If you’re interested in knowing how many months that is, you have to do the math yourself.

This is Hna. Johnson and my second “Translado” to go through, although we arrived in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, July 28th just 4 days after “Translados” on the last Tuesday in July or this would have been our third.

This “Translado” was held at a nearby chapel instead of the Mission President’s home. There were too many Elders and Sisters to fit comfortably in his house. Hna Johnson and I took the first hour of the orientation meeting teaching all of the new Elders and Sisters about their finances, credit cards, reimbursements, weekly reports, e-mail, password, etc. Next was the picture session with each missionary and Pres. & Sis. Almonte. This is one part of my duties that I really enjoy; I get to take lots of pictures!

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