Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

First thing this morning Hna. Johnson and I were off to Bani with a load of supplies and mail for the South AP’s. We were very short on supplies though, again, Centro de Servicio is out of Book of Mormon’s and most of the pamphlets the missionaries use. But we did have a lot of mail and other supplies to deliver.

The AP’s were in Bani because Pres. Almonte was holding Zone interviews there. President Almonte has to interview every missionary in the mission at least once every “Translado” (transfer, every 6 weeks) so today was the Bani Zone’s turn. Hna. Almonte also does her physical checkup of all the missionaries too. She takes blood pressure, weight, etc. The Elders in Bani were having a good time being together as a Zone, waiting for their turn to be interviewed, talking with old friends & companions, and eating the birthday cake Hna. Almonte always brings with her to celebrate all of the birthdays during the “Translado”.

Hna. Johnson and I usually take the office Pick-up when we go to the “South” to make a delivery run. But this time the office Elders needed to go to San Cristobal to negotiate the termination of a house rental contract. So Hna. Johnson and I took our personal blue Toyota Corolla. This was a first for us. After the office Elders finished there I had them go to the “Temple Store” for me which I normally do on Friday mornings.

When the office Elders and Hna. Johnson all got back at noon we had lunch together. Today is Elder Barquero’s twenty-second birthday. Earlier in the week Hna. Johnson asked him what his favorite dish was (Hna. Johnson has a tradition of preparing her son’s favorite dish on their birthday when they were growing up). Elder Barquero told her it was Lasagna so Hna. fixed us all a large lunch of her home made Lasagna. It was very good. Elder Barquero loved it, Hna. Johnson treats all of the office Elders and AP’s like her own sons.

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