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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today was my first full day with Elder Conway, the new office Elder. We’ve known Elder Conway since last fall when he was serving with us in Neyba. He did a great job with the members and investigators out there. I took him and his companion, Elder Barquero, with me to the Aduana (Customs) where we picked up 14 packages for missionaries in the mission. We also went to the bank to pick up our petty cash check and a rent check. Elder Conway has served in the capital before but his isn’t familiar with all of the places the office Elders and I go to frequently. So today I had the chance to teach him a lot about his duties and where things are in the capital. I also got to give him his first lesson on driving in the Dominican Republic. It’s a lesson he will have to learn quickly since he will be doing all of the driving for he and his companion.

Hola familia,
We just went thru our 6th transfer day today and this one went so smooth that it is a little scary. Our last transfer was a never ending wave of changes and challenges.
This past month was truly a month of special events. One was we were able to assist in getting more members from Duvergé to the temple. If you haven’t visited the blog lately, please go to our temple group and see Hermana Mecho. She is a dwarf and has a genetic bone disorder. Last month when the group from Duvergé went to the temple, Hermana Mecho went in and watched the baptisms that were done. She was not able to get her endowments because I had not received her temple clothing (garments and ceremonial) yet. I had been working on it for quite some time and with the help from others, the clothing for her was prepared. She is a special lady who has not let her physical challenges hinder her opportunities for work, service, and growth. The only time I have not seen a smile on her face was when we told our branch that we would not be coming out to Duvergé anymore. She would not smile or look at us for she was truly sad and thought that all would be lost for her chances of going to the temple. The temple was all a buzz with this little sister inside. She truly made an impact on so many that night. It was an honor to help dress and take care of her that night. We also had another family go through and be sealed. We are hoping that our last family that we were working with will make it through in July. Everyone from Duvergé is planning on attending and preparing for the trip. Sister Harris (the temple president’s wife) has asked us for a picture and story of Hermana Mecho and Sister Almonte asked us to send her picture and story into the Liahona.
We were able to make a day trip to the President’s cabin last week. We took another senior couple who is having family come to visit and they are going to be able to take their family there for a stay. President Almonte suggested that we take them to show them the way. It was a fun outing and the cabin was just as beautiful as ever.
Also, we were able to make an orchid show at the botanical gardens this month. Please go to the blog to see some of the pictures. The orchids that were true purple were exquisite and I could hardly pull myself away from all the flowers, it was like heaven to be surrounded by flowers again. (okay Debbie, it wasn’t a holiday so it did feel like heaven) We have been doing a lot of field trips since we do not go to the country any more for weekends. We have really enjoyed going and seeing parts of the country that we are now living in. There is a lot of history here and sites to see. Many missionaries have asked us on the difference of not going out to Neyba and Duvergé anymore, I have told them that it feels like a whole other mission we are on now, I call it “Our Mission: Phase Two”.
Another wonderful and the best event of this month is that we became grandparents again. Joshua Peter Johnson, our 13th grandchild was born on the 13th; we are so excited and looking forward to the day when we can see him. Last Sunday, Elder Johnson and I spoke in church and as he was introducing us he said that we had 14 grandchildren. I asked if he knew something that no one else knew yet or was he predicting or what. Anyone pregnant?
Hope everyone is well and happy. If anyone wants to come and visit we have a spare room. Jared and Tere are coming in July, being a senior missionary couple has its advantages. We can work, serve, and have family come. We love you all very much and want to say thank you again for all that you have done and are doing for us. Give those 13 nietos a kiss and hug from Grandma and Grandpa.
Con Amor,
Elder y Hermana Johnson (aka: Shrek and Donkey)

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