Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In addition to our regular Monday work load Hna. Johnson and I spent most of the day preparing for our next “Translado” (Transfer) even though it is 3 weeks away. We prepared all of the “Ficha Placas” (Picture Plates) for the President’s large transfer board in his office. He is already starting to think about “transfer scenarios” and where he will put the 11 new Elders and 3 new Hermanas that will arrive in our mission on May 11th. The Lord has a real hard worker in President Almonte. It is a pleasure to work in his shadow.

This afternoon at 3:00 Pres. & Hna. Almonte came into the office. They don’t make it into the Mission office very often so it was nice to visit with them. The President had an appointment with our account executive from “Orange”, our Cell phone provider. The President has been seeing specials offered by the competitor to Orange, “Claro” by Codetel. After the meeting Pres. Almonte told me that he was satisfied with our current contract and that we weren’t going to change companies. The account executive from Orange must have done a good sales job because Pres. Almonte is always looking for a way to save the mission money. He is very frugal and doesn’t waste a cent of the Lord’s money.

However his personal money is a different matter. He is very generous with his own money. When he was Stake President in La Vega he would us his own money to charter buses for his stake to use on all day excursions to attend the temple. Before he was called to be Mission President, Pres. Almonte owned several companies. He is a lawyer, a contractor, an investor and an architect.

An interesting thing happened while Pres. Almonte was in the office. His laptop is acting up and the church’s computer expert, Carlos Rubio, in Centro de Servicio hasn’t been able to fix all the problems. It still works but he’s been shopping for a new one. There is no computer in Pres. Almonte’s personal office so I let him log onto the internet with my laptop. He has seen my laptop before and even used it on occasion but this time he pointed to my laptop and said, “That’s the laptop I want”. Within minutes we were pouring through Costco’s website and looking at laptop’s for sale.

It was just about a year ago that I bought my laptop on line at Costco and the same computer is still there today only a little cheaper. As President Almonte looked at the pictures and description he was as giddy as a little child in a candy shop. He commented, “We don’t have anything like this here”. After he looked at them all he really did want a laptop just like mine. But President Almonte wanted double the gigs so he chose one with 500gigs for an extra $150.00.

Now I get to phone/webcam Jared & Tere to tell them that they will have a little extra weight in their luggage when they come to Santo Domingo in July to visit us. President Almonte is willing to wait until then to get his new laptop.

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