Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010 (General Conference)

General Conference was wonderful again today. All of the talks have sage counsel for everyone, member and non member alike.

We watched the 1st session on our laptop again but as soon as it was over we headed over to the “Casa de Huespedes” and the apartment of the Temple President and his wife, Pres. Donald and Diane Harris. Last October we watched all of the session of conference in their home. This time we have the internet in our apartment so we didn’t need to go but we did join the other senior couples at the Harris’ apartment for a pot luck luncheon between sessions. It was wonderful, lots of good food and good company. We really enjoy our occasional visit with the other senior couples here in the capital.

After the final session of conference Hna. Johnson and I turned on the webcam and talked to our family. First we called Nathan and Valerie and had a nice visit with them and their 4 daughters. It is such a joy for Hna. Johnson and I to be able to see and talk to our kids and grandkids. We talked for over a half hour.

Next we called Jared, Tere and their boys. Our timing was perfect, we caught them just before their Easter dinner. They invited Hna. Johnson’s parents, Grandma & Grandpa Burk as well as our son Wesley. We talked to all of them for about a half hour. We talked with our grandsons, their parents and great grandparent. We talked about family reunions, the flower shop and its garden. It is such a joy to be able to see and talk to our family. The webcam is a real modern miracle.

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