Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Since this is the week of “Translados” (Transfers) we’ve been busy all week. Each day in the office brings new challenges and new experiences. But all of our busyness came screeching to a halt this afternoon. The entire Dominican Republic went on vacation at 12:30pm today! Well, almost…. All of the banks closed at noon. All government offices, businesses, and even Centro de Servicio as closed all day today and nothing will reopen until next Monday. I couldn’t’ run any of my regular errands, I couldn’t pick up our supplies at Centro de Servicio and I could pay bills. This is “Semana Santo” (Holy Week) in the Dominican Republic. Everything closed today at noon to give everyone a chance to be out of town and go to the mountains or be at the beach all day tomorrow, Good Friday.

Of course missionary work goes on as usual. The Elders and Hermanas continue to teach the gospel regardless of the holiday. But in the office things were pretty dead this afternoon. So… to occupy her time Hna. Johnson played an “April Fools” joke on her family. She E-mailed them all with the news that she had decided to extend her mission an extra 6 months and come home in August instead of January. It went like this:

Hola familia,

Okay, hold on to your seats, well maybe this will come as no surprise. But dad (Elder Johnson) and I have just spoken to President Almonte about extending our mission to a 2 year mission. This means that we will be here to the end of President and Hermana Almonte’s mission time. We have given this a lot of thought and prayer and hope that you will support us on this. I will send out more information to you soon as we work out all the details. We love you all and thank you for your support.
Lots of love,
Mom and Dad
Aka: Shrek and Donkey

I don’t think anyone was taken in by it. A few minutes after the e-mail went out we got a reply from our son Dan, his not was simple he said: April Fools, Ha Ha. So much for April Fools jokes.

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