Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This morning in the “Los Arroyos” Branch my elder’s quorum lesson went pretty well I think. At least I think all of the men in the elder’s quorum understood what I said and I think I understood them very well. This was my first lesson and I will be teaching the second and third Sunday each month from now on. This was a very good experience for me. It challenged my Spanish language skills and made me stretch the limits of my ability.

I was a little apprehensive about the lesson and being able to get the quorum members to participate and spontaneously comment and add their feelings to the discussion. And I was worried that if they did speak openly and freely about the gospel subjects that I might not understand their comments well enough to keep the discussion on track and not let them get off on some non gospel tangent. Well, my fears were unfounded. Everyone participated and were very eager to add to the discussion. There are several returned missionaries in the quorum and they all helped keep the discussion on track. It all went very well.

Hna. Johnson is still struggling with the primary. She told me on our way home that the children are completely out of control. They won’t do as they are asked. They will simply get up and leave the primary room if they want and run the halls. She is very frustrated as are the other primary leaders. Today Hna. Johnson said she really had to clamp down on their unruliness. For a time she even blocked the door and even though she couldn’t speak to the kids in Spanish she let them know they couldn’t leave. They weren’t very happy about and she said one of them even spit on her.

Well, over the years I’ve learned that when it comes to a battle of wills, you don’t want to take on Hna. Johnson. She will win every time. Some of the children weren’t very happy with her but there was control and order in the primary today. Hna. Johnson says they still need more adult help in the primary. Hopefully they will get more leaders called soon.

This afternoon we invited the office Elders over to our apartment for dinner. Hna. Johnson loves to feed her adopted sons. She prepared a pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, canned corn & green beans, dinner rolls and “lemon-lime aid. It was a great meal. She topped off the meal with hot apple crumb cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Mmmm Gooood! The Elders loved it.

While the Elders were waiting for the meal to be put on the table they were very busy on the phones collecting their end-of-week reports from all of the elders in their districts. Next the AP’s started receiving phone calls from all of the Zone leaders from the whole mission with their reports. This is something they do ever Sunday afternoon and today was no different. All four of the elders were very busy and they do a great job. When they leave this afternoon they will go back to the mission office and input all of the numbers. By tomorrow morning the mission’s proselyting statistics for every companionship will be in front of the mission president. These are very hard working and dedicated Elders.

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