Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 (Christmas Day)

Last Saturday while Hna. Johnson and I were driving we heard Christmas music. I thought: it’s never too early to start the Christmas season. Well, Today Hna. Johnson pointed out that it is April 6th the real day of the Savior’s birth. It seems to come and go each year without much notice or fanfare. I guess it’s a good thing we don’t celebrate April 6th like we do Christmas, everyone already had too many presents! Besides we are supposed to honor Him, remember Him and keep His commandments everyday of the year.

It seems that Hna. Johnson is trying to turn the conventions of accounting on its head. This afternoon Hna. Johnson received an answer to an e-mail she sent to one of the accountants at “Centro de Servicio” about how the expenses on the mission’s credit card were being credited. In his answer the accountant mentioned that everything would be alright as long as she is coding the expense with the correct account code. After she read the e-mail she turned to me and exclaimed: “Am I supposed to be entering account codes for expenses?”

Hna. Johnson told me that no one showed her how to enter expense codes. This is something completely new to her. We are not sure of the extent of the damage to the mission’s books but we are pretty sure Hna. Johnson will have a lot of work ahead of her entering account codes on credit card expenses for the past 8 months. Good luck Hna. Johnson.

This morning we received some bad news about one of our missionaries in Azua. He and three other Elders were returning from their P-day basketball game and Elder Isaac Sanchez was hit by a car. He was very badly cut up with scraped and bruises over most of his body. Fortunately they found no broken bones. He was kept in the hospital overnight here in the capital for observation to make sure there are no internal injuries. It looks like he will make a complete recover and be fine. Judging from the reports of the dents in the car; he is lucky and very blessed to be alive.

This afternoon we received more bad news. This time our son Jacob phoned us from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix to tell us that Wendy’s father died of a heart attack today. It was sudden and completely unexpected. Our thoughts and prayers are with Wendy and her family at this time for their loss.

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