Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today Elder Colby and his companion, Elder Rodriguez came into the office as they do four times a week to enter Baptismal “Registros” (Records/registrations) into the mission computer. Every week there are 3 to 4 dozen “Registros” to enter. There are a lot of baptisms in the mission. Elder Colby pointed out something interesting. The number of baptisms in the Santo Domingo West Mission have increased by over 30% since Pres. Almonte has been mission President!

President Almonte began his three year term in the second half of 2008. That year the mission recorded 975 baptisms. The next year, 2009 the first full year of his presidency, the mission had 1602 baptism, an increase of 627 or 64% more baptism over the previous year! Elder Colby showed me the baptism totals for each year since 2005. They are: 2005 – 967, 2006 – 994, 2007 – 1006, 2008 – 975, 2009 – 1602.

President Almonte is a great mission president, a charismatic motivator and an inspiring, spiritual giant. The missionaries love him and work very hard for him. So far this year, as of the 2nd of April, there have already been 436 baptisms. If this trend keeps up for the next 3 quarters of 2010 the mission will record an additional 142 baptisms over 2009 or an increase of 9%. It is a pleasure to work for him here in the mission office.

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