Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

After our morning exercise regimen at the Dominican Fiesta Hna. Johnson and I went shopping at Price Smart and Brovo for ourselves and to fill all of the orders the missionaries have given us. The big 10 pound bag of instant pancake mix and syrup are particularly popular with all of the Elders. Another favorite is the very large 4 pound bags of generic cereals they sell there. Everything from frosted flakes & fruit loops to raisin bran & cornflakes. The Elders like them all. Hna. Johnson has a large note pad with all of the orders on it. We go down the aisles loading our grocery cart full and she checks off the items. Word has gotten out to more and more missionaries, especially outside of the city, that we offer this service. The Elders in some of the really small pueblos have very little chance to buy some of their favorite food items.

On Thursday night I received a phone call from the counselor in the Los Arroyos Branch presidency. He asked Hna. Johnson and I if we would speak in Sacrament meeting this Sunday. Of course we would be delighted to. Our subject is on “The Sacrifice of the Savior”. This afternoon we both spent our time preparing our talks. Back when I was branch president in Neyba and DuvergĂ© I had to go to church each Sunday with a 20 minute talk prepared. Depending on whether or not the assigned talks took enough time or if they even showed up, I almost always got to speak in Sacrament meeting. But the Los Arroyos Branch looks like it is much better organized and has a large willing pool of members to give talks on Sunday.

It is interesting to Hna. Johnson and I how we’ve had something interesting to do or visit every Saturday (Our P-day) since we’ve stopped driving to the South on the weekends. We’ve gone to “Tres Ojos”, The Colonial Zone and the Botanical Garden & Orchid show. This Saturday we didn’t have anything planned until yesterday when we got a phone call from Elder & Hna. Jones inviting us the “Ballet”. Actually it was a large group of the Sisters at the Case that wanted to go see the “National Ballet of Spain”. All of the husbands opted out and were staying home for the evening. Elder Jones was going because he needed to drive all of the Sisters in the 11 passenger van at the Casa.

I got to go because they needed a second car and was glad I went. It was a great show and much better than Ballet! There was only one number I would consider to be ballet, all of the other dances were wonderful traditional Spanish “Step dancing” or “Flamenco”. Some of the men’s parts were very fast passed and very athletic. It was kind of like “The River Dance” but with a Spanish “Flamenco Dance” flavor to wonderful guitar music. They were all definitely a traditional Spanish complete with canastas. The only thing missing was the rose stem in the seniorita’s mouth as she does a Flamenco Dance on table clacking the canastas over her head. All of the costumes were traditional “Old Spain”, just beautiful and very modest. They were great. The whole show was much better than ballet; there wasn’t a single Tutu all night!

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