Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It was a little hard in the office today, we had no water. The Dominican Republic is in the middle of a drought. In fact the newspaper headlines called attention to it. At the office we haven’t had any water in the city water supply in over a week. Our cistern is dry again. The 2500 gallons we purchased last Friday is completely gone. So today we tried several companies and we couldn’t get any water delivered. One company said they would be to our office with a tanker load of water by 2:00pm put never came.

We had a plumber come to the office today and fix all of the leaky faucets so we wouldn’t waste any water. He told us that he went by one of the main water companies to get a tank load of water delivered to our office. He said the company had 10 empty tanker trucks in their parking lot. They couldn’t deliver any water because there wasn’t any water to fill the trucks!

Things were really looking bad. It was almost 7:00pm and still no water. The Elders wouldn’t be showering tomorrow morning but worst than that, they can’t flush their toilets. Now that is bad. But then a miracle happened, just before Hna. Johnson and I left the office water started flow in the city pipes and our cisterns started to fill. It was just a trickle but if it runs all night the two cisterns should be full by tomorrow morning.

This afternoon Elder Bates had a fender bender. As the AP’s were leaving for their “diligencias” Elder Bates was backing out of the mission office driveway and Elder Mesidor was standing in the street directing him back. Somehow Elder Bates lost sight of Elder Mesidor and he backed into a parked car on the other side of the street. There was a lot more embarrassment than damage.

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