Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today was “Translado” (Transfer) day in the mission. We were at the transfer chapel at 6:50am to prepare for our orientation that began at 7:00am. I must say that this Translado was one of the smoothest we’ve experienced. No errors, no mad dashes back to the office, no unexpected Elders, no surprises it all, everything went very well.

This time we got in 9 Elders and no Hermanas. They all look like a great bunch of missionaries, full of zeal for the work of the Lord. It is fun to talk to them because they exude enthusiasm. They are the Lord’s finest. Of course I’m prejudice, I think every missionary in the Santo Domingo West mission is the Lord’s finest.

And speaking of the Lord’s finest, 12 missionaries will leave for home today and tomorrow. Eleven Elders and one Hermana. Only two went home to the USA, one went to Mexico, one went to chili and the rest were from the Dominican Republic. Today was fun day for them at the mission home. Hna. Johnson and I got to visit with them at noon. They got to talk to each other and renew old friendships. They had their final interviews with President Almonte, they had a huge feast in the afternoon and tonight they all went with the Almonte’s to the Santo Domingo Temple. Tonight after the temple session they will have another huge feast at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel “All you can Eat” buffet.

This was our 6th “Translado” (transfer) since we’ve been on our mission. Hna. Johnson pointed out to me that we have 7 more Translados left before we go home. After the next one we will be beyond the half way point in Translados.

This afternoon we went over to the Mission Home to drop off papers for President Almonte’s signature. It was another one of those happy reunions with the Elders and Hermanas we’ve known and loved over these past 8 months. Now they are all at the Mission Home awaiting their final interview with Pres. Almonte, a huge lunch with the Almonte’s, a final Temple session with the Almonte’s and finally a huge “All you can eat” buffet dinner at the Dominican Fiesta. The Almonte’s really love their missionaries and take good care of them right up to their last day in the mission.

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