Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

This morning Elder Huey, Elder Barquero and I were at the CITI Bank picking up checks for our vendors and we happened to be in line next to the office Elders from the East mission. It is always a pleasure to see them at Citi Bank, we get to talk about mission office work and swap stories.

Next we were off to “Centro de Servicio”. We had the monthly vehicle report to give to Angel Cordero and Grace Montero received a large stack of Visa renewal forms and applications to work on for our missionaries. We stopped by Dayanara’s desk with our weekly report and we worked with Esteban De la Cruz on direct ordering mission supplies on line from SLC. If we can make the new system work it will be a lot easier on everyone when we need supplies.

Friday afternoon in the office is typically a slow time for Hna. Johnson. All week she is under the gun to make specific deadlines. Her final deadlines of the week are the forms and reports that have to be taken to Centro de Servicio. So when the office Elders and I got back from Centro de Servicio, she was pretty much done for the day.

When Hna. Johnson and I went to lunch she didn’t return with me because her work at the office was all done and she wanted to spend the afternoon working in our apartment getting things sorted and organized for our return home in January. Four weeks seems like a long way off but it is really right around the corner and there is a lot to prepare before we can close down our apartment and turn it back over to the DueƱa (Landlord).

This afternoon we received an e-mail from the mission department in SLC that sent us all in the office cheering! A Senior couple has been called to take our place. They won’t arrive for three and a half months, the first of April and we won’t know their name or anything about them for a couple of weeks but that is OK. We are just delighted that the Brethren have found the right Senior couple the Lord has prepared to come to the Dominican Republic and work his children here.

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