Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our time is short in the DR and we are experiencing a lot of “The Last…” of things. For example yesterday was our “Last” Christmas in the DR, etc. Today was our last Sunday for us to attend with the Los Arroyos Branch. It was also my last time to teach the Elders Quorum. For the opening exercises of priesthood meeting I was asked if I would choose an opening song. I was glad they asked because I really wanted to sing the song I spoke about during my talk in Sacrament meeting last week, “Placenteros nos es Trabajar”. Unfortunately there is no English version in our hymnal today, but it is a wonderful song. The third verse is about saying goodbye to friends and companions and maybe not seeing them again in this life. It was very appropriate for the occasion since I may not ever see some of these good brethren until the life after this one. It is a very powerful and moving song.

Hna. Johnson was ill this morning and had to stay home. She really wanted to be with her Primary Nursery for our last Sunday but unfortunately she was really not feeling well and felt it would not be wise to go. Hna. Johnson loves those children and will miss teaching them each Sunday. The children have all grown to love her too. One little girl named Nadia refused to go to the nursery when she heard that Hna. Johnson wasn’t there today. Her mother did manage to get her to go inside after a little protest.

The Primary President asked Sister Lissehe, Nadia’s Aunt, to take Hna. Johnson’s place and be the new Nursery leader. I was able to turn over all of Hna. Johnson’s teaching materials, games and toys to her.

This morning in Sacrament meeting Hna. Prenda Trinidad Medina was confirmed a member of the church. She was baptized yesterday afternoon, Christmas Day. She is a very enthusiastic and happy new member of the church. Elder Stott described her as a “Golden” investigator.

After the block I gave Elder Stott his mail. He received 2 more packages this week and several letters from home. He was a happy Elder.

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