Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Today we spent all of our time trainer our office Elders how to do our jobs in the office. They are catching on very quickly but it’s hard to let go sometimes. I have to keep telling myself not to do my tasks; I have to remember to wait until the Elders are with me so I can teach them what needs to be done.

Today we received a surprise visit from an old Friend. Elder Vinicio Morillo left the mission on March 30, 2010. We’ve run into him a couple of times since then and this is the second time he’s come by the mission office just to say hello. Hna. Johnson really has a soft spot in her heart for Elder Morillo when she gave him a hug she burst into tears. Yes, he is just like one of our own sons.

Tonight at FHE with the Senior missionaries the Berkley’s were in charge. Hna. Berkley gave a wonderful Christmas program. She told the story of Luke 2, we sang Christmas carols and she narrated a number of wonderful stories that illustrated the spirit of the season. It was a beautiful evening. FHE with the other Seniors will be one of the many things we will really miss when we return home in 4 weeks.

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