Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This morning Elder Huey and I went to the Aduana and there were a lot of packages there again. Even though it is 4 days after Christmas the Aduana is still very busy. That is because the Dominican Christmas season doesn’t end on the 25th. The major gift giving day in the DR is “The Day of the Kings” celebrated on January 6th. This is the day, tradition says, when the three wise men found the baby Jesus and gave him their gifts.

Today a service technician came to the mission office to work on the gas range in the Elders apartment downstairs. The burners were all rusted, to gas valves were clogged and it was very hard for Hna. Ramona to cook. When the repairman lifted the range lid to go work on the valves he discovered a rat’s nest, literally!

The rat had pulled all of the insulation out from around the oven and stuffed it under the stove top cover. The rat also stole a dish towel and drug it all the way up the back of the stove to his nest. The all cotton towel was wedged right below two of the burners. It is amazing that the towel never caught fire.

The range repairman and I spent the afternoon chasing all over Santo Domingo for gas range burners, valves and other parts. One store we stopped at had two and three burner camp stoves for sale out front on their sidewalk. Interestingly, the camp stoves were all homemade and welded from old tire rims. They looked like they could really work. After seeing them it made me want to go camping!

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