Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today is our p-day but the office Elders have p-day on Monday. However the two Elders taking our place, Elder Huey and Elder Barquero, have been instructed by Pres. Almonte to work side by side with us. They are to keep our schedule and do everything we do including take their p-day on Saturday with us. Sooo….

In the words of Elder Huey, “This was the best p-day ever!” We received special permission from Pres. Almonte to take the office Elders with us to the Colonial Zone in Old Town Santo Domingo. Every other Saturday or so Hna. Johnson and I go to the Colonial Zone to buy “Conde Bags” and other gift items for the Missionaries. The two stores we most often visit are INKA and Freddy’s.

We also had to stop by the fabric and craft store called “Rosarios” to buy silk flowers for the Bairs. Hna. Joanne Bair (wife of the Temple Pres.) needed a silk wreath rebuilt that hangs on her apartment door. Hna. Johnson was delighted to be asked and tickled she can help out.

On our way back to the office to drop off the Elders we stopped at the “Bon Ice Cream” shop next to Bravo and we treated the Elders to an ice cream. Mmmm, Goood! Just having Bon ice cream for lunch made the whole day a great success.

This evening we went with five other Senior couples to dinner and a movie. (No, the office Elders are not allowed to go with us everywhere we go!) We went to the food court of the brand new “Blue Mall” on north “Blvd. Winston Churchill” in downtown Santo Domingo. The first 4 floors of the huge building are all for the very modern mall. It includes an 8 theatre complex where we planned to see “Narnia - Voyage of Dawn Treader”. However when we got there we discovered that the theater had damaged the film of the movie and they had to cancel the showing we planned to attend.

Oh well, we did eat with all of the other Seniors at the food court and had a very nice evening visiting. It turned out to be as good as going to a movie.

Late this evening, 9:30pm, I received a phone call from the AP’s. They said, “We have some bad news”. They were at the Piantini Chapel for a Ward activity and they left the lights on to their pickup truck. They tried jump starting the truck with a member’s car but the engine wouldn’t turn over, it didn’t even make a click. It only took me 45 minutes to get there and teach them the correct way to jump start a car. I love teaching the Elders new things about the mission vehicles.

All of the office Elders (including the AP’s) is always teaching me new things on the office computers like new short cuts and other tricks. They are so smart and computer savvy, I’m just glad I know something about cars that I can teach them.

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