Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today was another big day at the Aduana. We picked up 27 packages for missionaries, last week it was 32. Christmas is a great time of year for missionaries, they love to receive packages. And… Surprise, Surprise…. One of the packages was for Hna. Johnson and I. Hna. Johnson’s parents sent us a large Christmas package with several smaller individually wrapped gifts inside. Now I can’t wait until Christmas!

Elder Huey and Elder Barquero helped me at the Aduana. They had to leave for an hour to go to their Zone meeting at the La Paz chapel. The AP’s, also in the same Zone, gave them a ride back to the Aduana in time to help process all of the packages and haul them to my car. Since the missionaries at the Zone meeting were still in their meetings, we stopped by on our way back to the office and left the three packages for the Elders that were there.

The Thorups were back in the office this afternoon for their final visit before returning home with their son. Elder Thorup asked me for to copy of all of my pictures with him in it. I was glad to oblige. I did a file search and I was a little surprised that the pictures added up to 1.5 gigs. Then he asked for a lot of my other pictures of the mission, interesting things, etc. Those pictures added another 1.1 gigs.

I’ve made copies of pictures for a lot of Elders. It’s really easy to do and I burn a DVD for them. Two departing Elders actually asked me for every mission picture I have. At the time “My Mission Pictures” file was a little under 50 gigs. One Elder gave me a package of 10 blank DVD’s to burn for him and the other Elder had an external hard drive I backed them up to.

This afternoon I called SLC again and there is still no Senior couple called to take our place. This afternoon President Almonte called a special meeting of the office staff. He laid out his vision for all of us and the way we are to make the transition from having Hna. Johnson and I doing the office work and the day when all of the office jobs will be done by office Elders.

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  1. Elder and Sister Johnson,
    I love the photo of you on the beautiful Hotel grounds. What a special couple you are! Merry Christmas.