Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

SLC still hasn’t called a replacement couple for Hna. Johnson and I. President Almonte is bringing in two new Elders into the office to be trained to take our places until a new Senior couple arrives. Today (the day before “Traslados”) we were anticipating the arrival of our 2 new office Elders so we could teach them a little bit of our jobs before Traslados. The President has asked Elder Huey to be the mission Financial Secretary and learn Hna. Johnson’s job. Unfortunately he couldn’t spend much time with Hna. Johnson because he is still doing house rental contract and didn’t have much time spend with her today however he is pretty well versed on our Traslado procedures. The other two new office Elders won’t be here until tomorrow.

This evening the FHE for the Seniors at the “Casa” was hosted by Dr. & Hna. Kilgore, they are the Caribbean Area Medical Specialists Missionaries. Dr. Kilgore gave a wonderful lesson on “Our purpose here on earth”. He used humor and interesting stories to educate and enlighten us. On occasion he had us bouncing off the walls in laughter. He managed to incorporate a myriad of odd topics and weave them all together with a great gospel message. He talked about anthropology, astronomy, Einstein's theory of relativity, microbiology, chemistry and Germanic tribes of the eighth century AD to mention just a few.

Elder Kilgore concluded his FHE lesson by teaching us about the terrible Cholera epidemic that has spread over Haiti and has found its way into the Dominican Republic. There are only 6 cases in the DR but one of them is LDS. He taught us the origins of the disease, its “MO”, its symptoms, treatment and cure. He said in some cases the patient dies in eight hours. His lesson was particularly forceful, I think everyone of us left the room when FHE was over and immediately spent 60 seconds (the recommended time) washing our hands with soap and water. Elder Kilgore did a great job.

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