Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

This evenings FHE with the Seniors of Santo Domingo was very special and memorable. It was a dinner to welcome the new couple, Ed & Jayne Swapp. It was also a farewell to Jerry & Judy Gorsegner also Ivan & Ramona Jones, the Area Executive Secretary and Asst. Sec.

Hna. Johnson and I have come to know and love Elder and Hermana Jones. We have worked with them on several occasions and we’ve dined with them and even been on short vacations with them. They are great servants of the Lord, hard working and dedicated. It will be a shame to see them leave the DR on Thursday.

Of course Elder and Hna. Jones have families waiting for them like all of us do and they are excited about rejoining them. Interestingly enough they have no home to return to. They sold their home before they left for their mission and so they will be spending all of their time with their children in their homes. Hna. Jones says that when they are tired of that they will simply put in their papers to serve another Senior Couple mission.

Hna. Johnson and I participated in tonight’s FHE and Dinner with a little bit of bittersweet feelings. We are happy for the Jones as they will get to see their families again but sad because we may never see our good friends again. Of course we hope not, hopefully our paths will cross again but that is the rub. We have made so many very good friends here in the DR it is hard to see each couple finish their time of service and go home.

Then…. President Bair invited all to form a line and begin to serve ourselves dinner. He said we will start with the couples that have the shortest time remaining in their missions first followed by next couple to leave. Of course the Jones were first in line and it was pointed out that Hna. Johnson and I were the next in line.

It is hard for us to believe but after the Jones leave Hna. Johnson and I will be the next couple to leave the DR. I already know it will be another bittersweet night for Hna. Johnson when a dinner is held in our honor. Saying goodbye to some many good friends here in the DR will be very difficult. But they will all remain our good friends for the rest of our lives even if we don’t get to see each other very often.

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  1. What a dear couple you are. You will be greatly missed. How I've enjoyed following your blog! My daughter, Hermana Lund, has been greatly blessed by your service. We so appreciate your kind efforts in behalf of her and all the other missionaries.
    God bless you.