Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

An interesting thing has been happening with the weather here in the DR for the last two weeks. It has been so cool that Hna. Johnson and I haven’t had to use our air conditioning unit in our apartment since the beginning of December. Either it is really cooler this year or we are finally getting acclimated to Dominican heat and humidity. We remember last December very well. It seemed to us to be one of the hottest months of the year! This year we haven’t even turned on our AC in our bedroom at night. Even more surprising, last night it was so cool we didn’t even turn on the fan in our bedroom. I don’t know what to make of it, go figure!

It seems every day is very busy in and out of the office. This morning Elder Huey, Elder Barquero and I took the mission president’s Toyota Camry to Delta for its regularly scheduled servicing. The office Elders are learning all of my jobs and that includes the maintenance of all of the mission vehicles.

We left Delta and headed straight for the “Aduana” (Customs package pickup) for our regular weekly visit. Interestingly, it wasn’t crowded this time. It only took us an hour and a half to finish our business there and head back to the office. More interestingly was the number of packages we picked up, 32. We must have set some sort of speed record. I’ve never been in and out of the Aduana so quickly, especially picking up so many packages.

I must say that the parents and friends of our missionaries are really doing a good job this year. I’ve been picking up a lot more packages for this year’s holiday season than last year. Last year I thought I was really busy at the Aduana when I picked up 12 to 15 packages. The most I picked up in a single week was 20. The number of packages I have picked up the past three weeks has blown last years record of 20 out of the water! Two weeks ago there were 32 packages, last week there were 27 and today there were another 32.

Without a doubt we’ve received two or three times as many packages this year as last. And this year there have been even more packages. They are smaller packages that don’t get stopped by the Aduana and are delivered directly to the mission office by the regular Dominican mail system. We’ve been getting a dozen or so of them each week lately. It is awesome… way to go parents, family and friends of our missionaries! The Elders and Hermanas really love getting packages all year long but especially at Christmas. Keep up the good work.

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