Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This morning was another great “Traslado” (Transfer Day) for us in the Santo Domingo West Mission. Hna. Johnson and I did our orientation meeting with the newly arrived Elders at 7:15. Our 2 replacement Elders, Elder Huey & Elder Barquero, were with us and learning what to do.

Pres. Juan E. Almonte & Hna. Almonte started their part of the orientation meeting following our picture taking of all the new missionaries.

There were 10 new Elders in this group of missionaries. They are all sharp young men eager to get started. Pres. Almonte has called our best Elders to be their “Trainers”. The trainers and new Elders usually stay together as a companionship for at least 2 traslados. The work the trainers do, the things they teach the new Elders and the work ethic instilled in them is very, very important. That is why only the best Elders are assigned to be trainers.

Back in the office we went right into training our new office Elders. They have a lot to learn before we leave in only 5 weeks. Elder Huey has already been in the office for 2 transfers working with the mission housing, talking to “Dueños (Landlords) and negotiating contracts. He is very good at it, but now he will get to learn a whole new side of the office.

The same is true for Elder Barquero. He will be learning all new things about the office. Like Elder Huey, Elder Barquero worked in the office as the Housing specialist from February to May of this year. He speaks very little English so I will be teaching him everything that I do in the office. Elder Huey will be learning from Hna. Johnson because he is from the US.

We are losing 10 Elders and 1 Hna. Today they have their final interviews with Pres. Almonte, they will eat lunch at the mission Home and this evening attend the temple together with the Almonte’s. Most of them will be leaving the mission tomorrow.

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