Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

I was on the road most of the day. I went to “Centro de Servicio” and to the Temple Tienda. I was also back at the Aduana (Customs Office) to pick up two packages. It turned out there were 5 new packages for Elders and Hermanas that had arrived since I was their yesterday. However I was unable to pick up the very expensive package we got the phone call about yesterday. The package is for Elder Povey out in Bani. I was sent all over the facility looking for the package. I wasted almost an hour before someone at the DHL sales counter inside the Aduana finally figured out where the package was.

I had to go to the main offices of DHL Express Co. here in the capital to pay for it before I could pick it up. When I got to their downtown office, I paid the Customs tax of $5695.00 pesos in cash. That’s almost $160.00 in USD. Then the counter agent told me that the package is being held at the Santo Domingo International Airport, not at their downtown office. She told me I would have to wait until Monday afternoon for the package to be sent in to their downtown office. I was a little frustrated by then so I protested. I told the agent the package contained special medical equipment for one of our Elders in Bani. I said I planned to take it to him tomorrow and I couldn’t wait until Monday. That’s when the director of DHL operations walked up to the counter. He must of heard what was going on because he told the counter agent, “This is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint,” they are a good client of ours. Have this Elder’s package brought here by special delivery this afternoon!” Then he turned to me and said I could pick up the package after 4:00pm today and there would be no charge for the service. The church’s reputation in the Dominican Republic is very good. Things like this seem to happen with regularity.

It turned out that the DHL director was a good friend of Bishop Esteban De la Cruz. Bish. De la Cruz is the warehouse director at the Area’s “Centro de Servicios.” I see Bish.. De la Cruz every week when I pick up supplies for the mission office. Its good men like Bish. De la Cruz that break down barriers and helps the Gospel spread all over the island. He’s a good man and a credit to the church.

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