Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today was one of our short days of travel. We went to Neyba for our 9:00am Sunday services but didn’t go on to Duvergé in the afternoon. We only go on to Duvergé every other week. So this afternoon we were headed back to Azua after PEC got over at 4:00pm.

During our travels to Neyba and back Hna. Johnson and I noticed large crowds of people in all of the communities we drove through. It was easy to figure out that today was Election Day in the Dominican Republic. The crowds of people were at the various polling places, usually schools and municipal buildings. Since we arrived here over 4 months ago we have been bombarded with an unending barrage of political ads. Unfortunately this is only the primary election in a congressional campaign so we have two more months of this to look forward to. A political truck with huge loud speakers rolling down the road blaring their pundit’s message is really annoying. Especially at the volume they have the loud speakers at. It is literally deafening. This kind of political campaigning with load speakers from moving vehicles was outlawed in the US in the 50’s. It really needs to be banned here too.

It is very interesting that political hopefuls in the Dominican Republic are allowed to paint their ads and slogans almost anywhere they want. We’ve seen them on bridges, dams, government buildings, and even on rock cliffs beside the road.

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