Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Shrek & Donkey were off by 8:30 for the capital. On our way we stopped in Bani again, this time to deliver one of the turkeys. Since Monday is P-day all of the Elders were at the branch building in Bani playing basketball.

We were back in the capital and back to work in the office by 10:30am. And we had a lot of work to do. Hna. Johnson had to prep all of the “DuaƱos” (landlords) that she pays electronically. Elder Small had to work side by side with her to get all of the entries done correctly. It is a very big job. They finally got it done at about 4:00PM. President Almonte was at the office at 5:00 to sign the letter of authorization for the bank to make all of the transfers. All together they added up to over $430,000.00 DR pesos. That looks like a lot of money, and it is. It is about $12,000.00 in US Dollars.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are getting into the Christmas season. Hna. Johnson got her Christmas tree up. It’s a beauty! It is just right for our apartment. It doesn’t have to be big because there won’t be tons of presents for all the grandkids under it like we used to have back in Mesa. Hna. Johnson loves her mission and she loves serving our Heavenly Father and His children in the Dominican Republic but the one thing she misses most is her grandchildren. Webcam calls are great but nothing replaces a real hug from her grandkids.

She also set up her new Nativity scene on the coffee table. She found it at Price Smart a few weeks ago (See Nov. 5th). She has collected a Nativity set from almost every place we’ve visited. She’s even had family ship her sets from places they visited. Nancy Daly sent her a nativity set from Spain several years ago.

This evening we heard a car wreck in the street in front of our apartment. The cars must have been going very fast because they ended up 20 feet in the park. We don’t see many accidents here in the capital. Generally the traffic is so congested no one can go fast enough to do much damage. However, back on the residential streets we’ve seen car zipping down these roads very fast, maybe even 40 or 50 mph. There are no stop signs in residential neighborhoods and even if there were, no one would stop anyway.

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