Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

On our drive back to the office from Azua this morning we took our usual route through miles and miles of sugar cane fields. But for the last month or so the cane fields have been changing. The sugar cane is tasseling. I didn’t even know sugar cane put on tassels. But it’s a beautiful sight with all of the sugar cane tassels waving in the breeze.

We were back in the office by 9:45 this morning and hard at work. One of the office Elders asked us why we don’t take the rest of Monday off. Well, we would love to but there is always a ton of things to do, especially for Hna. Johnson. The office book work never seems to get done and Monday always requires extra work to balance the petty case, enter reimbursements for the Elders and a dozen other chores.

My day was taken up with meetings with the office Elders and with Pres. Almonte. I also had to run to “Caribe Tours” (Car-ree-bay Tours) the bus depot on the other side of Santo Domingo to pick up a package a member had shipped to me. Hno. Tuco is a carpenter and his sander needs a part I have to purchase at a local hardware store.

This afternoon I also went to the bank to cash checks from the Neyba Branch written to Hna. Johnson and I to reimburse us for all the cash we’ve been spending on the branch for the past 3 months. Now we finally have a checking account with a budget for all of the organizations of the branch. Until now we’ve known what the budget was but we had no checking account to be able to spend the money. This has been a long time coming. I’ve been working with “Centro de Servicio” ever since I was put in as Branch Pres. to have the account opened. But wait… when I got to the bank the teller told me there was no money in the account! Surprise… another delay. Well maybe we’ll be reimbursed tomorrow or maybe by the first of the year. We’ll see.

Later, back at the office the FedEx delivery truck pulled up with several packages for the Elders. When I signed for them I was really surprised to discover a package among them for Hna. Johnson and I! Jim and Betty Burk, Pam’s parents, sent us a package full of Christmas presents. Wow… we now have presents under our little Christmas tree! It is wonderful to get a surprise package from home. Also inside the box was a candy tin that wasn’t wrapped for Christmas. It’s a good thing it wasn’t wrapped because it wouldn’t have made it to the 25th anyway. The tin was full of Grandpa Burk’s famous homemade peanut brittle. Mmmm Goood. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Burk for thinking of us.

Tonight we go home too late to go to FHE with the other Senior couples at the “Casa de Huespedes” and besides we were very tired after a full weekend of travel and work. However Hna. Johnson hadn’t planned anything for dinner so she looked around and quickly whipped up a very large “German Pancake” for dinner. Wow, what a cook, Hna. Johnson is great! It was delicious covered in peach preserves and “Lite” pancake syrup.

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