Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Elders Almonte and Elder Small were chosen a couple of weeks ago by Pres. Almonte to represent the church in a question & answer session on a local Santo Domingo TV station. Their appearance is going to be tonight at 8:00pm LIVE! Elder Small said that appearing on live TV doesn’t make him nervous but knowing that Pres. Almonte will be watching makes him very nervous. However I found out this afternoon that the Pres. has an appointment with a Stake President this evening and he can’t watch. Pres. Almonte told me that he will definitely record the show and watch it later.

On Monday Elder Almonte and Elder Small went to “Centro de Servicio” and met with the Area Director of Public Relations. He gave them a crash course of public appearances and how to act on TV. He had them practice answering questions without stumbling or stammering. He gave them a lesson appearance and grooming as well as good TV body language. They are excited but definitely nervous.

Unfortunately Hna. Johnson and I won’t be able to watch the show either. We have a TV but we don’t have cable and it doesn’t get any broadcast channels. Hopefully we will get to watch Pres. Almonte’s recording of the show.

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