Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today we were visited by Elder & Hna. Finlayson, the CES (Church Education System) missionaries assigned to work at the Institute of Religion here at the UASD, (Universidad Autonomia Santo Domingo) the very large university in the capital. They arrived in October and took Elder and Hna. Durkovich’s place that left for home in September.

The Finlayson’s won’t be doing much teaching at the Institute. Most of the teaching positions are staffed by local teachers, bishops, stake presidents, etc. Although they said they will be teaching one class next semester. Right now the university is in its semester break and classes won’t start again until the first week in January. Their main job is to recruit students to attend Institute and of course help find investigators for the missionaries.

That is why the Finlayson’s were in the office today. They are coordinating with the Capital AP’s to help our missionaries find contacts and to follow up on referrals they already have. The university is in our mission boundaries and is a perfect opportunity for our missionaries.

On a sad note, the Findlaysons told us about the couple that they replaced, Elder & Sis. Durkovich. (See Sept. 3, 2009) They just found out that Sister Durkovich has cancer of the sinus cavity. The prognosis is not good. We will keep the Durkovich’s in our prayers.

Later in the morning Hna. Johnson made a couple “Happy Birthday” phone calls to Arizona. First she called her sister Debbie Quist. She caught were at home (7:00am AZ time) before she had to leave for work at the Gilbert Flower shop. Next she called her daughter-in-law, Wendy Johnson in Maricopa, AZ. Hna Johnson had a real nice visit with them both. I could tell Hna. Johnson was enjoying herself by the big smile on her face as she talked to them. A good phone call home can really lift your spirits. We love our family and we always keep them in our daily prayers. We love and appreciate that support they give us.

This afternoon I had an appointment at “Centro de Servicio” (Central Services) with Hna. Georgina Gutierrez. It was a training meeting with our two part time office Elders, Elder Staff from Panama City, Panama and Elder Espinola from the Dominican Republic. Weekly they come in to the office to enter “Registros Bautismal” (baptism records) into the mission’s computer system. Now they are being cross trained in the new “IMOS” (Internet Mission Office System) that is taking the place of the old MOS system. Elder Almonte & Elder Small got the same training 3 weeks ago. All four Elders will be able to help Hna. Johnson talk to DueƱos (landlords), collect data and convert to the new system.

We’ve been told that our office will be converting to the new IMOS system next Monday. I don’t think we will be ready but we’ll see. If the Lord can make a financial & computer wizard out of Hna. Johnson, He can convert our office to IMOS.

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