Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday was another “Whirlwind Adventure for Shrek and Donkey.” We started with Hna. Johnson baking chocolate chip cookies for the Elders in Neyba and Duverge. We did house cleaning, Landry and packing. We made a quick trip to Jumbo and did all of our weekly shopping. The groceries were unloaded and put away and we were back in the mission office by 1:00pm get ready and to load for our trip to “El Campo.”

On our way to Azua we had stops in Madre Vieja, San Cristobal, Nizao, Don Gregorio and Bani. We delivered desks, letters & packages, mattresses, checks to landlords, 70 water filters, cash for an electric bill, a refrigerator and even 6 turkeys. We were on the road over 5 hours doing all of the “Diligencias” (Errands) and we didn’t finish until after 7:00pm. It was another busy, busy Saturday for Shrek and Donkey!

Thank goodness for cell phones and my “Blue Tooth.” It takes a lot of coordination to pull off all of these “diligencias” without wasting time. I am on the phone constantly arranging our stops and talking to the Elders or Hermanas. The office Elders as well as the AP’s are calling me with updates so we can fine tuning our agenda. I don’t know where some of the apartments are so the cell phone is the best tool to get on the spot directions. As Hna. Johnson and I get close to an area, the Elders walk out to the street and we simply look for them. And believe me those white shirts and ties are easy to spot from blocks away.

Turkeys? Did I say we delivered 6 turkeys? Yes we did, Hna. Johnson and I delivered turkeys for each of the Zone leaders in “El Campo” to use to through a “late” thanksgiving feast for the Elders and Sisters. It seems the Mission President had a change of heart after not allowing any missionaries to celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Now Pres. Almonte has picked up the tab for all the missionaries in the mission to celebrate Thanksgiving. Wow, you should have seen all of the excited Elders when they got the news.

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