Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This morning early I took my mission car, the blue Toyota Corolla in for its 40,000 kilometro maintenance/service at our local Toyota dealership, “Delta Comercial.” They are a little more expensive than the non-dealership auto service centers but we have to use them to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. The car has been in use by the mission since it was new a year and a half ago. That is when the Larsen’s used it and now Hna. Johnson and I get to drive it. The car costs us $50.00USD per month plus gas. The church pays for all maintenance and insurance. This year the price for senior couples went up to $150.00USD per month worldwide. Fortunately Hna. Johnson and I are locked in at the old price so we won’t have to pay the increase.

Today was the last multiple zone trip to the temple in the mission until after the New Year. Sometimes I get to see them all at the mission home for the big lunch after the temple session but this time I was grounded since my car was in the shop. But many of them walked over to the office to pick up supplies so we got to see and visit with quit a few of them anyway. It is a special time when we have lots of the Elders and Hnas. Crouded into the office. Their spirit and enthusiasm is wonderful. They are all great servants of the Lord and work tirelessly at their callings.

And speaking of being grounded…. I had planned to go to the “Aduana” today but couldn’t. Elder Small and Elder Almonte ran today’s “Diligencias” (errands) for me. They came back from the “Aduana” with 20 packages, a record, for the Elders & Hermanas in the mission. Elder Almonte and Elder Small are already working on a plan to get all of the packages here in the capital delivered before Christmas. Unfortunately the Elders and Hnas. in “El Campo” will have to wait until Hna. Johnson and I go out there on our usual weekend trip to Neyba.

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