Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yesterday was our first full day off (not working) in 5 months. Today we were back to work in the office and on the road again. Hna. Johnson had 5 hours of work just to meet the deadline for a report for the financial secretary in “Centro de Servicio” (Central Services). She got the reports done but we were off to “El Campo” right after lunch.

We had another loaded pickup truck with supplies and lots of mail for the missionaries all over “El Campo”. We only had to make three stops on our way to the Azua house. Since it is the day after Christmas the traffic was very light, so our travel time was a little shorter than usual.

We had an interesting load in the back of the pickup today. It was about 10 mattresses. The Elders in Vicente Noble were thinking ahead. The mission president doesn’t want the Elders out on New Year’s Eve (just like Christmas Eve), it is too dangerous. They requested all of the extra portable/small mattresses from the office because their zone is having a “sleep over” with all of the Elders.

Since Christmas morning Brunch with the Elders yesterday, Hna. Johnson and I have been enjoying leftovers. So tonight in the Azua house we had leftover ham and we also had left over fruit. It was really good especially since the power was on and we could use the microwave.

I opened a can of peas to warm up in the microwave to have with the ham. But to our surprise they weren’t peas like we have in the US. They were called “Gandules Verdes” (Green Pigeon Peas). The picture on the can showed green peas but they were brown. They must turn brown when they are cooked. The biggest surprise was sitting on top of the brown peas; a worm (over an inch and a half long) had been canned inside with the peas. Hna. Johnson shrieked and ran out of the kitchen when she saw it. Hna. Johnson’s sons always teased her that she would serve her mission in a third world country and have to eat bugs. Well she came close tonight!

Tonight we got a webcam call from Nathan, Valerie and their 4 daughters. We got to talk to them yesterday along with everyone else. Tonight was great because we could talk with them and not have to share the time with 40 other people. Besides we never get enough of seeing our grandkids on the webcam. We love the webcam and how it brings our family so close to us.

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