Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We were deep into our Saturday routine today. We slept in an extra half hour, Yahoo! Next we cleaned, scrubbed, swept, mopped and did laundry. We were off to Jumbo to do our weekly grocery shopping and buy requested items for the Elders in “El Campo.” After unpacking and lunch we were off to the office to load the pickup. We were late leaving for “El Campo” today because, as usual, last minute requests for supplies came in from all over and so we had to scramble to get cases of Books of Mormon, pamphlets, teaching reports, etc. We finally made it out of the capital by 4:00pm.

Everything was going as planned until we got to the Azua House were we always spend Saturday night. The hall door that leads to the bedrooms was locked from the inside and we couldn’t get in to our bedroom. The door has a thumb knob lock on the inside. If the thumb knob is accidently turned when the door is opened, the door will lock itself when it is closed again. The Azua house was used by President and Hna. Almonte from Thursday to Saturday. Evidently they accidently locked the door when they left. Thus began “Another Adventure for Shrek and Donkey” that we hadn’t planned on. A dozen phone calls later we had a church facilities maintenance worker and his partner on the road from Vicente Noble, an hour and a half away, to rescue us. With the right key they got us in without any problem. Hna. Johnson and I had visions of sleeping on the floor without even a pillow. It is sure nice to have so many resources available for us to call on. The Mission Pres. and the AP’s in “El Campo” knew just who to call to fix the problem.

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