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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow, an amazing day in the mission office. I mentioned last Wednesday that there have been so many transfers this week it is almost as if we are having “Translados” all over again. Well…. President Almonte called Hna. Johnson and I into his office today to tell us the next transfer. It was us! We are being transferred from the Neyba/Duvergé branch to a branch here in the capital. We were shocked. Our duties in the office have remained basically the same but we will not be spending so much time away on the weekends.

This coming Sunday we have changed our plans. Instead of only going to Duvergé we will be attending both branches during their Sacrament meetings. I will be speaking and Hna. Johnson will bear her testimony. This will be our farewell to both branches. We will miss them; we’ve grown to love them all. Although I think there might be some opportunities to go back from time to time to visit. On occasion we may be driving to the “South” to deliver supplies, etc. and we might be able to visit our friends then.

Next Sunday will be our last Sunday at the Neyba/Duvergé branch. The following Sunday we will be introduced to the “Los Arroyos” branch in Santo Domingo. In the office we’ve been through 5 “Translados” since we’ve been here. But this is a first one for us personally, our first transfer. Hna. Johnson kept saying things like, “I can’t believe it” or “I’m so excited” or “Is this the way all missionaries feel when they find out they are being transferred?”

Today we received word from Salt Lake City that Elder Cummings is being sent home for more medical test. (See Monday Jan. 25, 2010) He has shown some signs of improvement but earlier this week he had some setbacks plus some of his test results showed there might be a serious problem. Neither he nor his family wanted him to go home but as a precaution he will be flying home tomorrow afternoon. If he recovers soon enough he could return to finish his mission. Hopefully he will.

This afternoon took Elder Cummings, his companion and Elder Colby to close a house and deliver a contract on another house in Haina. Before returning to the office we took Elder Cummings to his apartment in Yeguate so he could pack and get ready for his flight tomorrow. He and his companion will spend tonight in the capital with the office Elders. Elder Cummings is really not happy about having to go home but it will be the best if the doctors in the states can find and fix his problem.

This morning I picked up 15 checks at the CitiBank here in Santo Domingo. They are all due and must be delivered to the apartment “Dueños” on or before the 5th of next month. I picked them us today because several of them must go with us to the “South” and we leave tomorrow. We rent apartments from an additional 40 Dueños but their payments are transferred directly into their personal bank accounts. IMOS makes paying those 40+ Dueños very easy. It’s much better than standing in line at the bank to pick up rent checks.

When I was at the bank Elder Farias, the office Elder from the East mission was there. He was picking up almost 50 checks. They still haven’t converting their Dueños to electronic payment so most of their Dueños have to have their checks hand delivered.

For the past 7 months in the DR I’ve only seen a handful of traffic officers writing tickets to motorist. I would expect them to be writing a lot more considering everyone runs red lights. But they don’t for some reason. However, today Elder Small told us of another ticket that they do write. It’s for talking on a cell phone while driving. He knows this for sure because he got the ticket. While talking to President Almonte at a stop light an officer walked up to his pickup and wrote him up right there on the spot! On Monday Elder Small got out of paying his fine for the minor fender bender he was in. I don’t think he will get out of paying for this ticket though.

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