Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today was a normal day of hard work in the office however we did have a brief diversion this afternoon. First we went to the “Quisqueya” house where four Hermanas (Sister Missionaries) live. They had a clogged drain and I got to pour sulfuric acid drain opener down it. It’s not stopped up anymore. I used the recommended precautions, large rubber gloves, eye protection and a fan to ventilate the bathroom but the house still smelled like rotten eggs when I finished. But at least the drain works now.

The Hna’s in the mission have the very best apartments. They are far better than the Elders apartments. President Almonte spares no expense when we look for a new apartment when it is for the Hna’s. Plus he has very strict requirements for their apartments. They must be in very good neighborhoods. They must be gated and secure. All entrances must have iron gates and the “DuaƱo” is now permitted to have a copy of the key to any of the locks. They must have iron bars on all of the windows even if they are 4 stories up. The mission president really takes good care of the Hermanas.

After the stop at the Hna’s apartment Hna. Johnson and I went to Price Smart. We had a lot of shopping to do for the Elders all over the capital and out in “The South”. Tomorrow we will be driving out to Bani to meet up with the South AP’s. We will be delivering mail, supplies and rent checks to the AP’s so they can distribute everything. Unfortunately Hna. Johnson and I won’t have the opportunity very often to do the deliveries ourselves like we used to on the weekends. None the less we had a good time walking down the aisles of Price Smart loading our cart with food for the Elders.

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