Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today was our second Sunday in our new Branch of Los Arroyos here in the capital. Hna. Johnson and I arrived 10 minutes early, greeted the members, attended our meetings, participated in the classes, said goodbye and went home. Wow, what a difference from attending at Neyba and Duverge. Los Arroyos Branch had about 90 people in attendance today. They are a strong branch with good leaders much different than what Hna. Johnson and I are used to. We are still going through a bit of culture shock.

The Branch Pres. has asked me to attend the Elder’s Quorum and help strengthen them and give them guidance. I did just that but they are a very good and strong group of members. The lesson was excellent and everyone present participated. I hope I can be of some assistance, maybe in home teaching or reactivation. I will look for ways to make a difference.

The same is not true for Hna. Johnson. She has been asked to strengthen and give direction in the Primary. The bishop said that the Primary Presdcy is new and needs help and guidance. After church Hna. Johnson told me that the Primary is definitely in need of help. She was with the Primary the whole time and she said that there aren’t enough leaders, no supervision and basically the hour and forty five minutes she was there was uncontrolled chaos. It sounds like Hna. Johnson has a big assignment ahead of her. And it will be very hard because she doesn’t speak Spanish and none of the Hermanas in the Primary speak English. Good luck Hna. Johnson, you are going to need it in the Primary.

This afternoon and this evening we got to talk to some of our family on the Webcam. Jacob showed off his new son, Joshua. Wendy was asleep in bed, recovering from her C-Section last week. We had a great visit with Jacob and the kids. Joseph, LeeAnn and Catherine are all great kids and they are growing so fast. Little Catherine is a doll, she is only 2 ½ and doesn’t talk a lot but when she does she uses full sentences. We really enjoyed our time on the Webcam with the Johnson family.

Jacob also sent us about 40 pictures of baby Joshua & Wendy in the hospital as well as family group pictures taken at the temple ground before the baby was born. We love pictures from home, especially of our grandkids.

Next we got to talk to Jared, Tere and our grandsons Kyle, Ethan and Tyler. They had great stories to tell about their trip to Texas for Spring break, etc. They are really excited about coming to the Dominican Republic in July to visit Hna Johnson and I. We are very excited too.

Our final Webcam call was to Nathan, Valerie and girls. We had a very good visit with them (Except for the revelation that the national health care bill was passed today, Nathan says he will have to lay off a third of the flower shop’s employees. I hope he was kidding!). We talked for over an hour and a quarter on the webcam.

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