Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yesterday and today were regular days in the mission office. Hna. Johnson was busy all day with mission office accounting and I was busy doing what I do. I worked in the computer managing IMOS files and various other dull jobs. I also got to manipulate pictures for IMOS, with is fun and I like doing that. I also left the office several times in the past two days to do my “Diligencias” (Errands) for the mission office. I’ve been to two different banks and made deposits, cashed checks and withdrew money. I’ve paid a lot of mission bills including our “Codatel” bill. Codatel is one of the telecommunication giants of the Dominican republic. Kind of like AT&T, Ma Bell, and Verison all wrapped into one. I was at their office today to pay 8 different phone accounts the mission has. Codatel is the parent company of “Claro” (Clear) one of the two biggest Cell phone companies in the DR.

While I was at Codatel this morning I signed up for a phone line & DSL in our apartment. Since Hna. Johnson and I won’t be going to Azua on weekends anymore we won’t have our usual internet access there. We love to Webcam our family and so we have to buy a DSL line for our apartment. It will only cost us about US$40.00 to have it so we figure it will be money well spent. We really have to Webcam our grandkids as well as the rest of our family.

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