Monday, March 22, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well, it’s either very busy/hectic or very routine/slow in the mission office. This morning was both. Remember “IMOS”, our office computer’s “Internet Mission Operating System”? Well, one of the things that broke up the dull routine was the discovery by Hna. Johnson that our “old friend” IMOS (I hope you can recognize sarcasm when you see it) pulled a real doozy this time. Somehow some other church unit’s bills got mixed up with ours and they were added together. Our cell phone bill should have been pretty small but somehow IMOS wrote the check for over a half million pesos or USD$14,000.00 to “Orange” our cell phone provider. The discovery sent Hna. Johnson into her “Seek and Destroy” mode. The e-mails were really flying back and forth from the accountants at “Centro de Servicio” and our mission office. The error took an hour or so to straighten out. We really hate IMOS!

There is one good thing that has come from all the mistakes IMOS has caused. Hna. Johnson is an expert at using the office scanner and e-mailing scanned documents now. Just another notch on Hna. Johnson’s belt of office tasks learned while she has been serving here in the mission office. A few months ago she didn’t even know how to turn the scanner on much less use the thing.

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