Monday, March 22, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday is my regular day to go to the Aduana. We had 10 packages to pick up. On my way back I stopped at the Citi bank to pick up checks for venders, Dueños and petty cash. The petty cash check is critical. Since IMOS makes it so hard to pay bill with a check we are spending tons of cash. When I got back to the office with the cash, everyone turned in their receipts they’ve been holding for reimbursement. By the end of the day our week’s worth of petty cash was all gone. We can’t get another petty cash check until next Wednesday.

Today we worked on the Final preparations for the Duvergé Temple trip tomorrow. Hna. Johnson has been in touch with the Temple Pres. and his wife (Donald and Diane Harris) about the special temple clothing Hna. Mecho needs since she is so small. One of the Temple workers, Sis. Svenson, is a seamstress and has been altering cloths for her. She found an old dress that was torn and due to be discarded. She has cut it down to Hna. Mecho’s size. All of the other robes of the temple have also been modified just for Hna. Mecho. It’s been a wonderful work of love by the temple staff. If it weren’t for these good volunteering folks Hna. Mecho wouldn’t be about to afford to attend the Temple.

Tonight Hna. Johnson went to the Fiesta gym to work out again. This makes 3 out of the last four evenings to exercise.

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