Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This morning after a quick trip to the Aduana (Customs Office) Hna. Johnson and I went to the Temple Store to buy supplies, books, etc. for the Elders & Sisters in the mission. While we were there Hna. Johnson also picked up the special order of temple cloths, robes and garments for Hna. Mecho in Duvergé. It is really a blessing to have the Temple so close to the members here in the Dominican Republic. The members in Duvergé have really caught the spirit of Temple work and eternal families. We just found out that another family from Duvergé will be coming to the Temple to be sealed. Hno. Hector and his wife Iris and their 3 sons (ages 15, 12 & 10) will be part of the temple excursion next week. This is really exciting for Hna. Johnson and I. Really, Really exciting.

This afternoon Elder Colby and I went out to Haina II to work on the apartment that is being turned back to the Dueño. The Elders moved out a couple of weeks ago but we are still trying to get the old apartment cleaned up enough and things fixed well enough so that the Dueño will let us turn in the keys and stop paying rent. But it is going to be very difficult. Five plus years of Elders living in this apartment has left it with a lot of broken things that need repair. I think I will be going back many times before this one gets resolved.

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  1. I didn't check your blog for 2 weeks and now might take that long to read it all in detail. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful, fun, and sometimes scary things you do!