Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

It was so cool last night so we spent our second night in a row without air conditioning in our bedroom. This time we left the windows closed and we were comfortable all night. However in the morning when we went outside we discovered that the cloud cover we’ve enjoyed for the past 6 days was gone. By 2:00pm our daytime high temp was hot again. I guess that’s the end of our Dominican winter. At least it lasted for 6 days.

This morning at 7:00am we met Hna. & Elder Jones at the Dominican Fiesta Health Club/Gym for an hour of exercise. The Jones’ have a membership in the club and they can bring a friend once a week for free. Hna. Johnson got her exercise by walking laps. The Jones’ and I swam laps in the pool. I did 16 laps (32 lengths) or a little over a quarter mile. I really enjoyed the pool, I haven’t had this much exercise in months. I hope we can do this more in the future.

After our shower we all went to the Dominican Fiesta’s breakfast buffet. It is a great place to eat. Of course I will have to exercise for the next week to work off all the food I eat. It was really a wonderful breakfast. I’m sure we will be going back there in the future.

This evening we went to the FHE at the “Casa de Huespedes” with the other senior couples. This was our first time to be able to go in 5 weeks. We missed the whole month of February because of our work load and being gone all weekend to Neyba and DuvergĂ©. But now that we won’t be going to “El Campo” anymore we hope to always be able to attend FHE with the other senior couples. We need and enjoy the association with the other senior couples.

Tonight the lesson was presented by President Alvarado of the Santo Domingo Temple Presidency. His home is in Puerto Rico so he made his home country the subject of his lesson. It was very interesting and informative. Hna. Johnson and I learned a lot about the history, culture and geography of this Caribbean island nation. It made me want to go visit there someday. He used two Power Point presentations with a lot of pictures. It was very well done. The thing I learned most about this “Jewel of the Caribbean” was just how little I knew about it.

Normally we start our FHE with an opening song. But this time we didn’t sing. A choir of a dozen Haitian missionaries from the Santo Domingo CCM (MTC) came in and sang “We are Sowing” in Creole, the national language of Haiti. They were awesome! These young missionaries from Haiti will all return to serve in Haiti. They are the best of the best from a land that is in political and economic turmoil and is suffering so much from January’s Earthquake. Because of the political unrest there are no foreign missionaries in Haiti. The Haiti Mission has about 75 missionaries and they are all Haitian as well as the Mission President.

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