Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is our 8th month anniversary of when we entered the MTC in Provo back on July 13th 2009. It seems like yesterday. But then again we’ve done so much, traveled so far and met to many new people that it seems like it was years ago.

Today we enjoyed our second P-day since he haven’t had to drive to the “South” on the weekends. We took advantage of today’s P-day by accepting an invitation from Elder & Sister Roberts, the PEF missionaries, to go with them the “Zona Colonial” (Colonial Zone) and see some of the major historical sites they have there.

We met the Roberts at the “Casa de Huespedes” by the Temple at 9:00am. They took us to the Colonial Zone in their car and after finding a parking spot we spent the next 3+ hours walking. There was so much to see and do that it would take a couple more Saturdays to see all the highlights of the Colonial Zone.

But we did see a lot. We toured the Cathedral where the remains of Christopher Columbus were interred until they were moved to the “Faro de Colon” (Monument-Museum to Columbus). There were statues everywhere to everyone including Columbus. One of the museums we didn’t have time to tour was the personal residence of the son of Columbus, Don Diego Col√≥n. It was constructed in 1511 and was occupied by the Columbus family until 1577. We’ll have to go back to see that museum next time.

Of course all historical sites are replete with stores, shops, and venders of all kinds. The Colonial Zone is about a square mile in size and loaded with souvenir shops, etc. We actually did make some purchases in some of them. I found a couple tee shirts for “p-day” and a leather hat to keep the sun off of my ears. Hna. Johnson did buy some souvenirs but since they are gifts for our family I won’t be showing them to you here nor can I mention what they were. But we did have a lot of fun shopping.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and keeping us posted on what you both are doing. The streets look so clean -- not like where I served. But I do remember being very scared when I was first learning to drive on the left side of the street--in a country where stop signs and white lines are merely suggestions. :-) Our prayers are with you both.