Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We arrived at the Casa de Huespedes at 8:45 this morning. All of our Duvergé friends were all ready to go. I left Hna. Johnson with the Jones’ while I took the Branch members to the bus stop “La Pintura”. Everyone said they had a good night’s sleep that they had a wonderful time attending the temple. Hna. Mecho’s mother kept saying how happy she is to be a member of the church.

Hna. Johnson went with the Elder Ivan & Hna. Ramona Jones (Caribbean Area Exec. Sec. & Asst.) to the Botanical Gardens here in Santo Domingo. It was a tight fit again to get everyone in the mission van but we did it. I left with the Duvergé members at about 9:15 and they were at the bus stop by 9:45. We said our goodbyes and took some final group pictures. These are really wonderful members of the church. They are so full of enthusiasm for the gospel that they just glow. They were telling me that the Elders were having a baptismal service at 10:00 this morning and how disappointed they all were that they wouldn’t be there.

Now that my work was done it was time for a p-day activity. Hna. Johnson has been very excited about the big orchid show at the National Botanical Gardens here in Santo Domingo ever since Elder Small told her about it 2 months ago. She has been hoping it would be at a time when we could go and it turned out to be perfect. Since I had to drive the Duvergé members to their bus stop, Hna. Johnson caught a ride with Elder & Hna. Jones to the Orchid show and I caught up with them later in the morning.

The orchids were fabulous and well worth the price of admission of DR$100.00 or about USD$2.80. I took tons of pictures and Hna. Jones and Hna. Johnson bought several orchid plants. They are beautiful. Of course pictures never do them justice but the pictures turned out real well none the less.

After touring all of the exhibits and buying plants and plant food, Hna. Johnson and I hopped on the “Train Tour” of the whole gardens. That was fun and we got to see parts of the garden we normally wouldn’t get to see. Hna. Johnson and I didn’t leave the orchid show until 12:30pm, by then it was very hot and since Hna. Johnson had been there for an hour and a half longer than I, she was fried to a crisp. A cold shower back at the apartment to get all of the sweat off really felt good.

This evening Elder Small (Companion to Elder Colby and Elder Barquero - a threesome companionship) got separated so he had to spend the evening with us in our apartment. We really enjoyed having him over. Of course Hna. Johnson invited him to eat with us. She makes great tostadas. Then afterwards he joined us in our nightly scripture reading. We rounded out the evening by playing “Go to Heck” until his companions came to pick him up at 9:30. Hna. Johnson and I love Elder Small as well as all of the missionaries. We consider then all to be our sons.

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