Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It was a good day today, Hna. Johnson and I got a lot done. We drove to Bani to meet up with the South AP’s to give them all of the mail and supplies they needed. We had no stops on our way at the Zone leaders in San Cristobal nor Madre Vieja so it is only 45 minutes to get there. It wasn’t anything like the weekends of old when we took 2 ½ hours to get to Azua. But we enjoyed the trip; especially seeing the South AP’s and visiting with them a few minutes about everything that is going on in the south.

This morning Hna. Johnson got an exciting phone call from the Santo Domingo Temple Store. Hna. Mecho’s Temple special made garments & Robes have arrived from SLC. They had to be custom made because she is extremely handicapped and her body, arms & legs are much smaller than a normal adult. She has been anxiously waiting for her temple cloths for 2 months. In January she wasn’t able to attend the endowment session with the other members of the Duvergé branch because of her special clothing requirements.

Late tonight I got a phone call from Elder Jimenez in Duvergé. He is very excited about Hna. Mecho’s temple clothes arriving and he is putting together another trip to the temple with the members of the Branch. However this time it will only be for an endowment session and not baptisms for the dead with the rest of the branch. The plan is for me to pick them all up in the mission van on Friday March 19th and attend a Friday evening session. This was the earliest day that Pres. & Hna. Almonte could attend with them so we have a week to work out the details. Hna. Johnson and I are extremely excited about going to the temple with our friends from Duvergé.

The Sunday that I attended church for the last time in Duvergé and told the members that I wouldn’t be their Branch President anymore they were very sad. I was afraid they might take the news badly. However I talked to Elder Jimenez and he told me that last Sunday they had 50 members and investigators at Sacrament meeting. He said that every priesthood leader and their families were on time and fulfilled his calling and assignments. The branch is thriving and growing. Wow, what great news. It seems that the members in Duvergé have strong testimonies and it doesn’t matter if senior couples and Elders get transferred out. They are strong.

The same can’t be said for the good members in Neyba. I talked to Elder Bates and he said that they only had 25 members out to Sacrament meeting last week. Only one priesthood leader came to church, Hno. Francisco Vasquez “Pachico” and the Elders had to do everything the other “no show” leaders are supposed to do. Neyba is still struggling.

Last Monday we went swimming at the Dominican Fiesta Health Club & Gym with the Jones’. They invited us to buy a membership so Hna. Johnson and I can get some regular exercise. Well, we’ve been looking into the possibility and the cost. Tonight we bought our membership and we plan to use the facility weekly for the rest of our mission. It is very convenient for us; it is right across the street from our apartment. The Jones’ have to drive 5 miles to get here but Hna. Johnson & I will be about to walk. We are really looking forward to using the facilities. They not only have 3 swimming pools but they have an exercise room with treadmills, stationary bicycles, and stair stepping machines. They have a full weight room, a dance and aerobics gym and basketball courts. They have tennis courts and Ping-Pong tables. We need to get back into a regular exercise and fitness routine.

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