Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nothing new for Hna. Johnson today in the office. She had mail to sort before I left for the Aduana. She had items to catalog and put into storage for missionaries. But mostly she spent the day hard at work on the office computer doing bookkeeping. It’s neither glamorous nor inspiring; just stuff that someone has to do and do it right. That’s why she’s the mission’s financial Secretary so it gets done right.

For Diligencias (Errands) today I picked up 4 packages at the Aduana (Customs office), mailed a big stack of letters to the states, went to the Temple Store, Centro de Servicio, and several other stops to pay bills. The rest of my day was in the office learning from Elder Small how to input data into IMOS System for the mission apartments, Zones, Districts and companionships. To help me and anyone else after he is gone, Elder Small created a detailed set of instructions on how to investigate, negotiate, write up and close a contract on a new apartment for the mission. It is great and will really help me do that job better when he leaves next Monday.

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