Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today was very busy at the office. Mondays are always very busy. Hna. Johnson had her hands full with “Apoyo” (Missionary monthly support money), “Reimbolsos” (reimbursements to missionaries for covered expenses) and end of month apartment rent preparation. It’s a very big job. She was at it all day. Actually she will be at it all week.

I was very busy as well paying bills, balancing accounts, and tie up loose ends on a dozen mission issues. Also President Almonte came into the office a little afternoon and he and I spent almost an hour going down my list of unresolved issues for his consideration. We really got a lot done today.

Today I called Elder Bates in Neyba and found out the new Branch Pres. has been called and set apart to take my place. He is Hno. Norberto Tejeras “Hijo” who I’ve mentioned many times. He’s a returned missionary and very enthusiastic. He is one of the few members of the Branch that holds a current Temple recommend. He will do a great job a Branch President. His only counselor is Lorenzo Roa. He’s an older fellow in his 70’s but he too is full of enthusiasm and comes out to all of the branch functions and attends all of his meetings. He used to live in the capital and was in the Bishopric in a ward while he was there.

I am very excited for the members in Neyba. This may be the jump start they need to move forward and really start to progress in activity and attendance. Yesterday was a District Conference in Vicente Noble and there were 37 members from Neyba that attended. That is just about every active member of the branch. The mission hired a bus in Duvergé to pick up all of the Duvergé members first. 43 Duvergé members boarded and that is just about every active Duvergé member. The bus went on to Neyba where it picked up 37 more and then went on to Vicente Noble for the 10:00am start time of the conference.

This evening FHE for the Senior Couples was very different. It was planned and organized by Elder & Hna. Jones, Area Executive Secretary. We were all invited to eat dinner together at the Dominican Fiesta “All you can eat” dinner buffet. There were 40 of us there all together. Seven of the couple plus single sister are Temple Missionaries. More than half of us have other callings and assignments. It was very interesting to meet some of the Senior Couples for the first time. The food was great and the company was even better. Once again I tried but couldn’t eat it all! Thank goodness Hna. Johnson and I are on a regular exercise routine again. It will take a lot of exercise to work all this good off.

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