Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another busy day at the mission office. I was off to the Aduana early this morning and this afternoon off to look over a new apartment for the Elders in Los Angeles area, San Geronimo Norte Zone. They have to be moved out of their apartment by the end of this month, one week from now. That doesn’t give us much time to find a new apartment, negotiate a contract and get all of the papers signed.

This new apartment they found is a little small but will do nicely. It has one drawback though. The neighborhood has a lack of reliable water. The city water is only turned on for a few hours twice a week. That means they will be hauling water in 5 gallon buckets to shower, do the dishes and flush the toilet. But they are used to it, such is the life of a missionary in the Dominican Republic, that’s what they are doing now in the apartment they have to move out of.

Assistant to the President “AP” Elder Caldwell from Lehi Utah is going home from his mission next Wednesday. A month or two ago I commented to him about how muscular he is. His neck is so thick he can’t button the top button on his shirt. I asked him what position he played on the football team. He smiled and said, “My sport is rodeo!”

His specialties are bulldogging, team roping and calf tying. He showed me his “Practice steer” and said he likes to keep in practice. He also said that the local university has a “Team Tying” club. He is going to donate his “Practice Steer” to a member of the church that is on the team when he leaves his mission.

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