Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow what a busy and wonderful day today was. All morning I was at Centro de Servicio talking to people to resolve a host of problems. Dayanara, the chief accountant for our mission, had 4 problems on her list to resolve. Jarne German, the controller for Neyba & Duvergé had 3 things on her lsit. Carlos Rubio, the Caribbean computer expert, had 4 pressing matters on his plate. And finally Angel Cordero, the Caribbean Fleet manager had 3 unresolved problems with worked out. I was at Centro the Servicio almost 3 hours and I still had 2 more stops to get in before I could head back to the office. So much to do and so little time.

I was late getting back to the office so I had to skip my lunch. At 1:30 I had to meet the members of the Duvergé Branch at “La Pintura”, a very busy intersection where all of the buses from “El Campo” drop off their passengers. It’s a zoo. It is a 5 way intersections so clogged with traffic, mostly busses, that it usually takes 4 light changes to make it through. But I found our Duvergé bunch patiently waiting on one of the corners.

I picked them all up in the mission van. The van seats 11 and we needed every seat plus we had to have room for luggage and Hna. Mecho’s wheelchair. We got some exciting news from Hna. Mecho. Last Saturday her mother was baptized. It’s taken the family 8 years but now they are all members of the church!

We also picked up Hector & Iris Mendez and their 3 children. After the parents go through the Temple for their endowments; the family will be sealed together for time and all eternity. Last month when they saw Tuco (Hector’s brother) be sealed to his wife and family it gave them the extra push to become Temple worthy and have their own endowments taken out.

Hna. Mecho and Hector & Iris are all three first time temple goers. Also on the Temple excursion to are the three from last February, Tuco & Yazmin and Hno. Tomas Moquete. I dropped all 10 off at the Casa de Huespedes and got them signed in to their rooms. I had to hurry back to the office and pick up Hna. Johnson to be back in time for pictures outside the temple before they had to go in at 5:00pm.

We did experience a glitch. Hector & Iris and their 3 children were supposed to meet President Almonte before the temple session to have their final interviews and get their recommend’s signed. I made phone calls for a half hour before I finally reached Pres. Almonte and found out that he was having interviews and wouldn’t be able to attend. This required some last minute maneuvering. The final interviews and signatures on the recommends were done by Hno. De la Cruz, counselor in the Temple Presidency. I found out from Temple Pres. Harris that this is done in cases of emergencies.

And…. What a special night at the temple! Hna. Mecho in her custom fitted Temple clothes was one big smile. I can’t say enough about her and her wonderful spirit. She is undoubtedly the hardest working missionary in the church. She goes with Elders to all of their teaching appointments. She teaches and bears her fervent testimony. She is a wonderful asset to the branch. And now she has been through the temple for her own endowments. This was a true miracle in and of itself, considering the problems involved like distance and travel, as well as clothing.

After the endowment session Hector & Iris were sealed to their children. The ordinance was performed by Hno. Anatano, one of the Temple sealers. He did a great job. It was very special to see them all kneeing across the alter from each other. Also with us in the sealing room were the 3 former missionaries that taught the family the gospel 6 years ago. It was another special moment for everyone there.

The blessings of the Temple are simply wonderful, especially for a family that lives so far away that they might never attend had it not been for the dedication and hard work of Elder Jimenez. He alone deserves a lot of credit for these two Temple trips by the Duvergé members. It simply wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for him. Elder Jimenez has known for some time that this would be his last Translado in Duvergé so he has really put on a push to make it happen. He’s great, a real disciple of the Savior.

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