Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, it was a nice vacation but we had to get up this morning and go back to work. And speaking of getting up…. Wow, are we sore! That horseback ride, hike and swimming yesterday took it’s toll on us! I think I broke two of my toes in the pool of water when I kicked a rock. This morning I can hardly walk because my calves are so sore and stiff. Hna. Johnson can’t walk either only it’s her thighs that are sore. Plus she can’t sit down because her bottom hurts so much from the saddle. Yah, we must be getting old! But, it was a great vacation. We really need the R&R (Rest & Relaxation) away from the office and our duties. We’ve been putting in 10 hour days, seven days a week without a break for 5 months so it was time we had a real P-day or two.

Today we played “catch up” in the office. Hna. Johnson was on the computer all day with missionary “Apoyo” (Support) money entries, “Reimbolsos” (Reimbursements) to missionaries and deductions. It is time consuming but now that we are one IMOS it takes even longer because the system is updating the main computer in SLC with every entry.

Today we ran out of petty cash in the office. Normally Hna. Johnson would write a big check, have it signed by the president and I would cash it at our neighborhood bank. No longer! Thanks to IMOS Hna. Johnson can’t write the check like before. She has to send in a requisition to SLC for approval. After someone there approves the check it goes back for the president’s approval then the check is written at the only Citi Bank in the capital. All of the approvals and red tape will take until Wednesday before I can go to that Citi Bank office and cash the check. What used to take us an afternoon now requires 3 business days.

Elder Small spent half the day on IMOS updating all of our “Dueño” (Landlord) information to prepare them to be paid. This is the one thing that is going to make IMOS better than the old system. Once the information is set up in the system, paying our rent to 45 Dueño was easy. Hna. Johnson pushed the button that said “Select All” and then the “Pay” button. She was finished paying the Dueno’s in about 3 seconds!

This afternoon we found out that President Almonte was in Jimani, which is way out west at the border with Haiti. By assignment from the Area President, Pres. Viñas, he found a patch of ground to rent and negotiated a rental agreement. With the help of our mission, the Area Presidency will use the ground to set up a tent village for homeless and displaced members of the church from Haiti. Elder Almonte is working on the rental contract for the President’s & the Dueño’s signature. Our mission is in charge of funding the project so Hna. Johnson will be busy accounting for everything used there. The Area office will reimburse the Santo Domingo West mission for everything.

The suffering in Haiti is unimaginable. To make things worse they had an aftershock the day before yesterday of 6.0. The church has been at the forefront of the relief effort there. The two stake presidents, their relief society presidents and the bishops are working miracles helping the members in Port-au-Prince. I found out this evening that the tent facility in Jimani is already in use.

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