Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elder Cummings is feeling much better now. He has been recuperating in the office for a week now and is anxious to get back to work. However he is now the companion to Elder Lamoure who has also been sick and assigned to the office for rest and recuperation. For the past three days they have been going to many doctor’s appointments together. Well, this afternoon Elder Cummings was in the office ready and willing to work. He kept asking Hna. Johnson for jobs to do. I asked him how he was feeling and he said fine. I said, “you look real tired.” Then with a big grin he said, “from now on when anyone asks how I’m doing I am always going to say I’m fine.” Maybe he will be able to return to his area soon and do missionary work again.

I was in for a surprise this afternoon. I was at the mission president’s home with Elder Small to talk to the president about some mission business when he told me he would like Hna. Johnson and I to go to the border town of Jimani every other Saturday to help out with the refugee center there. We didn’t have time to talk about the details right then but I’m sure we well be hearing from the president soon. The town of Duvergé where we attend every other Sunday is only about 60 kilometers from Jimani. We will probably be spending Saturday there and then Sunday in Duvergé.

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